Kisha N. Robinson

Web & Email Marketing Developer


Real Estate Newsletter

Email newsletter developed with HTML and CSS. Designed graphics in Adobe Photoshop.
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Time & Goal Setting Landing Page

Landing Page that shows the current time in EST as well as a background image that changes according to the time. Coded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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Text says JasmineMarie with the outline of a pink and black guitar behind it

Logo Design

Logo design for a guitar player. Made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Split Landing Page

Landing page created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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About Me

Sitting in my cubicle on a slow Sunday evening, I had had it with the monotony of the work I was doing. It was never my intended career choice. I decided to hop on Google to search for "careers for introverts that do not require a bachelor's degree."

*Insert laughter to normalize the despair of this action LOL*

At that point, I had an associate's degree in social science and I had completed the coursework for a second associate's degree in business administration. My goal was at least a bachelor's degree when I initially started college. Life happened to me instead of me taking control of my life. That night, I found web development, which led me to That night, I took control of my life and set on a path of what I thought would be a new career in web development. This was true but it also ended up being a path of self-discovery as well.

Since that Sunday evening in November of 2017, I have failed many times but learned to fail forward. I've become a "self taught developer" with resources such as freeCodeCamp, Udemy, Coursera and Youtube! I've read numerous books that have changed my outlook on life and met many people who have inspired my journey. Completing my initial goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree is still important to me so I've enrolled in a computer science program that I plan to complete by Spring of 2021.

Coming full circle, I now work for Udemy as a Senior Email Marketing Associate. Outside of my day job, I am building a digital marketing agency that services real estate professionals over at Email for Real Estate. I am involved in local coding communities, I volunteer as a speaker on and I volunteer as a mentor with a local organization called Philly Tech Sistas.

How to contact me

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